Libretto delivers a powerful advice platform built to manage wealth ranging from the least to most complex.

Our Approach

Create robust financial solutions for your clients while giving your firm a differentiated competitive advantage.

comprehensive management

Comprehensive Management

Libretto provides a systematized process that addresses all client assets, liabilities and objectives, enabling efficient design of highly tailored solutions.

robust solutions

Robust Solutions

Libretto enables you to strengthen confidence in client outcomes with the application of purpose-driven portfolio construction, hedges, insurance and wealth products.

confidence and trust

Confidence and Trust

With an intuitive advisor-client interface, clients come to understand the purpose of each asset in the portfolio and the need for other wealth products and services.

differentiated value proposition

Differentiated Value Proposition

Built to manage any level of client complexity, Libretto provides a differentiated framework for addressing all aspects of a client's wealth and objectives.

streamlined process

Streamlined Priority-to-Trade process

Libretto enables scalable delivery of comprehensive wealth management with a systematized process that starts with a priority and ends with a trade directive.

improved financials

Improved Financials

Greater sales success, higher AUM, larger share of wallet and technology-driven operating efficiencies lead to enhanced compensation and firm valuation.

Our Solution

We deliver a differentiated platform and methodology that helps your clients succeed and your firm excel.

software platform

Software Platform

Built on the tenets of priorities-based planning, liability-driven investing and factor-level portfolio construction, our differentiated platform enables you to design robust financial solutions, enable lifelong prosperity and establish lasting client relationships.

change management

Change Management

Empower sales and service professionals with professional training, support client delivery with white-label materials and augment CIO functions with in-depth research.

business process

Business Process

Amplify your bottom line and client success with technology-enabled business processes that allow for quality-controlled delivery of differentiated wealth advice at scale.

Libretto's white-label wealth management solution integrates smoothly with existing systems.
Libretto System Founded by Jeff Coyle
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